With the addition of flock to your graphic designs, you can achieve a soft tactile feel to your finished piece. Your customers will just have to touch it!

If you need additional eye appeal, adding glitter as a high light points your customers’ eye to what YOU want them to see. For an even bolder statement, broad strokes of glitter can add huge bling to your piece, saying “LOOK AT ME”.

Below is a list of our machine capacities:

Pile fed flock and flitter (up to 24 pt. board)

  • 6.5 x 6” minimum
  • 28 x 40” maximum

Pile fed glitter (up to 24 pt.board)

  • 6.5 x 6” minimum
  • 20 x 26” maximum

Hand fed

  • 40 x 58” maximum flock
  • 30 x 58” maximum glitter

Thickness limited to B flute

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